Drug Rehab in El Segundo, California

Recovery From Substance Abuse in El Segundo, California

At the Marion Institute, our substance abuse treatment facility in El Segundo, California, we are well-known for taking in clients and providing them with the absolute best care possible. If you or a loved one is worried about the rehabilitation process in an addiction recovery center, we are here to help alleviate those fears. The Marion Institute offers confidential, caring recovery services for anyone who would benefit from an addiction recovery program. Our center is considered a safe haven for anyone who desperately needs help and is ready to commit to the process.

Understanding the Treatment for Addiction in a Drug Detox Clinic

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has found more than a dozen key principles to bear in mind when one starts an addiction recovery treatment program. One major point is the fact that a drug addiction doesn’t just affect your behavior, it also affects different parts of your brain.

Also, many clients come to us with other mental problems that have an effect on their drug addiction. For example, we treat mental health disorders such as bipolar and depressive disorders that may contribute to a person’s substance abuse. That is why we provide dual diagnosis treatment in our addiction treatment facility, as this addresses both the co-occurring mental health problem as well as the addiction through separate, simultaneous treatment plans.

Our addiction treatment center also focuses on one of the hardest steps to recovery, and that is detox. We offer monitored detox programs for all clients, whether they are detoxing from drugs, alcohol, or a combination of both. We understand that this is one of the roughest parts of the recovery process, so we monitor each individual situation with nothing but care, confidentiality, and concern. Monitored detox is extremely important for every recovery treatment, as withdrawal symptoms can cause severe problems in some cases.

While physical detox is an important step of the solution, it is only the beginning. At our addiction recovery facility, we supply long-term behavioral therapy coupled with ongoing support that will aid our clients today and for years to come. Our center focuses not just on the physical aspects of addiction, but the mental ones, as well. Effective treatment for addiction will address the holistic areas of the lives of each individual client instead of focusing on just the abuse itself.

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Our Proven Recovery Techniques

Our drug rehab centers are focused on finding the right combination of treatments that work best for each of our clients. We offer individualized treatment plans that we believe will be the most effective for our participants and that will help them lead a healthier, sober life. Individual counseling is an important part of our substance abuse treatment facility, as it allows our clients to talk one-on-one to a professional therapist who can help them understand their addiction. As stated before, dual diagnosis is crucial for most clients, as each separate mental health problem is as important as the addiction itself. Our drug rehab facility will ensure that our clients get the personal treatment that they need to get better.

We also offer group counseling for our clients. Our addiction recovery facility staff knows that it is important for our clients to understand that they are not alone in their addictive tendencies. We offer an open and non-judgmental area for individuals to open up and relate to their peers in a safe setting. Behavioral therapy is one of the most important aspects of any drug rehabilitation center.

Our Aftercare Services

We are also committed to what happens to our clients once they have graduated from our rehab program. Additional therapy may be needed after leaving the substance abuse treatment facility in order to support the needs of the client. Our therapy will include counseling through individual, group, and family sessions.