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You don’t have to keep struggling like this.

If you had another chronic disease, you wouldn’t blame yourself, you wouldn’t delay getting treatment, you wouldn’t feel guilty. Addiction is a chronic brain disease that you cannot control on your own or overcome without professional assistance at a drug rehab center. Finding the right treatment for you is as easy as finding the addiction treatment facility that customizes its programs to the needs of the client. At Marion Institute, our structured and flexible addiction recovery methods are designed to meet the needs and requirements of your unique circumstances.

After you have eradicated denial, you will enter one of our drug detox clinics to go withdrawal symptoms safely and efficiently. With the proper supervision and guidance of our addiction professionals, you’ll get through the often unpleasant withdrawal symptoms with as much ease as possible. Detox at Marion Institute works to make you comfortable while your body is ridding itself of the chemical toxins that keep you physically dependent. Eliminating this physical addiction is the key first step to getting your addiction recovery started correctly and efficiently.

Next, one you have undergone detox and don’t have any more detox symptoms, you’ll transition into the long-term portion of addiction treatment. First, you will have one-on-one therapy sessions with a personal counselor to enable you to get your feelings off your chest, design a customized treatment plan that includes dual diagnosis screening, and receive the proper treatment for an underlying trauma or mental illness.

First, you must be screened for dual diagnosis when you begin long-term therapy. This is a crucial component that will shape your overall treatment. That is why it is necessary to be screened for dual diagnosis in the beginning, to know how to plan your personalized recovery plan. Nearly half of all people with addictions have a mental illness of some kind. Whether you have underlying depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or a past trauma, your ailments will be accurately handled to ensure you have the best chances of staying sober.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a terrific benefit to all clients on a Marion Institute addiction treatment clinic.

We encourage all our clients to take part in group sessions honestly, with open transparency. If you are fully open to the process, you will benefit more from it. During group meetings, you will have the opportunity to vent your struggles, here similar stories from others, and exchange invaluable advice that may help you long after you have left a Marion Institute drug rehab. The bonds that form here are extremely important to realizing addiction isn’t your fault and that help is nearby to provide the support you need.


Certified Professionals

Customized Treatment

Your customized treatment plan will also include steps for aftercare services.

When you go to leave our substance abuse treatment facility, you will have the guidance, support, and activities set up to ensure that you have the ability to stay sober indefinitely. Again, whatever you need will be in place. You simply have to follow your treatment plan and you’ll have the best possible chances at keeping sober.


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