Drug Rehab in Walnut Creek, California

Importance of Aftercare in Drug Rehabilitation

Our substance abuse treatment facility in Walnut Creek, California is a caring, compassionate facility that allows you to recover physically and mentally from drug addiction. The highly trained and carrying professionals at the Marion Institute provide all of the support you need to make addiction a problem of the past. We also provide adequate aftercare counseling to avoid the threat of relapse. This is why obtaining high-quality aftercare is so important: it enhances the chances of sobriety.

Receiving the best aftercare possible when leaving an addiction recovery center is extremely important. Aftercare involves a continuous participation in your own recover, even after you have left the drug detox clinic, and completed the addiction recovery program. After you have received treatment for drug addiction, aftercare helps incorporate your family and friends into your recovery, and can assist them in understanding the battle you go through every day to remain clean.

Full participation from the person suffering from the addiction is essential. The family of the person who was recently released from the addiction recovery program is also one of the top priorities.

The initial release from a drug rehab facility can be a shock, since the person suffering from addiction will be thrust back into their original environment, where all of the addiction, pain, and suffering began. By continuing both physical and psychological treatment after leaving our drug rehabilitation center, we allow the client to remain tied to the Marion Institute, affording them complete control over their recovery. This connection is extremely important because it can support a sustained recovery.

The recommended course of aftercare involves drug treatment, three weekly sessions of other people who have been released from drug rehab centers, or fought against addiction on their own, and weekly visits to see a therapist. This aftercare set up allows you people to quickly establish any possible relapse and immediately develop a customized recovery plan to counter it.

Some clients who are recovering from drug addiction require a more advanced approach to addiction recovery. Many people require varying degrees of management and supervision in a housing program. Some people who are recovering may require supervised employments and minimal stress.

In some intensive therapies, the addiction recovery facility allows clients to work on their personal and intimate issues in a controlled setting. Depending on the situation, clients may spend more time in individual therapy, or they may spend more time in group sessions. At the Marion Institute in Walnut Creek, California, we customize the recovery plan to fit your needs.

Clients who suffer from a co-occurring mental health issue, both addiction and mental diagnosis, will have their addiction recovery plan rounded out with dual diagnosis mental health treatment. This is because a situation such as this will require special assistance and longer supervision to ensure compliance through the recovery process.

Aftercare begins before a client is released from the addiction recovery center. This means that while they are still under controlled care, they will have a chance to experience what aftercare will be like, so there is no dread or stress associated with the program. It gives the person a great chance to participate in their own recovery plan and any plan associated with temptation. They must develop their own extensive plan, including people they can turn to in the case of cravings or great stress.

As you can see, the focus of aftercare and the way it provides for the person recovering, provides the promise of a better future, that is free from addiction and great promise. If you, or anyone you know is suffering from addiction, call today.